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Save Cards

How Saved Cards Work

MYRIADLY.COM saves your card when you pay

Myriadly.com will automatically save your card when you enter the card details and make a payment. This is to enable faster payments during future transactions. Only your card number, expiry date and name on card are saved. CVV Nos are not saved. Myriadly uses world class encryption for storing card details and the systems are PCI DSS security certified.

Pay conveniently using your saved cards

Select your saved card, enter the card CVV number and you are done!

Manage your saved cards

View your saved cards on the “My Saved Cards” page in My Account. 
  • Click on “Add New Card” to save another credit/debit card
  • Click on “Edit” to give a personalised name to your saved cards
  • Click on “Remove this card” to delete your saved card on Flipkart