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MYRIADLY.COM is first Indian company for CHEMICAL & PHARMA industry which is providing a BRIDGE between BUYER & SUPPLIER. It is also giving opportunity to new talent, individuals, Professionals to provide service for industries while studying & doing their full time job.

You can register yourself at Myriadly.com and can buy no. of industrial products.

There is no change of payment mode as your conventional method from business to business by RTGS/NEFT. It is similar as you were paying to your manufacturers. At myriadly.com you have to just select the equipment/machine/accessories which you are going to buy, & click ADD TO CART button. After adding the equipment in ADD TO CART
an auto generated mail goes to manufacturer & Purchaser.

Either Purchaser or Manufacture can call to each other for confirmation/negotiation of the price shown.

Purchaser has to upload the PO at confirmed price. This will go to manufacturer as per given terms & condition in PO.


At myriadly.com you have to just select the Service/Service Provider which you are going to buy, & click ADD TO CART button. After  adding the service in ADD TO CART. Purchaser/Buyer has to pay 50% of advance to relevant Service/Service provider through Myriadly.com & 50% after completion of the job.

Purchaser/Buyer can sent the PO to service provider by uploading the PO at Myriadly.com. Service Provider can upload their services/service documents/reports at MYRIADLY.COM, which can be directly visible to buyer.

Industrial Training

At myriadly.com Final year students can apply for the industrial training by paying through ADD TO CART button.


Time & Manpower Saving

Old time has gone now, you don’t require any project Engineer to prepare technical specification sheet and ask the quotation from the different vendors to compare them technically.

At Myriadly.com, products are available with standard technical specification sheet. Same can be compared with all available manufactures technically & commercially.

GA drawing of Equipment is available immediate after 30% advance payment. This can be uploaded at same moment after correction.


MYRIADLY.COM has well qualified & experienced team of Engineers from all fields, which are available for you 24hrs.

Following are free service available with equipment:

  1. P&ID of the equipment/machinery as per your requirement – With equipment delivery
  2. Civil drawing
  3. Structure drawing
  4. GA drawing
  5. DQ/IQ/OQ
  6. Installation & commissioning engineer will be available for 5 days.

Cash Back

There will be 1% of cash back return back to your account after every 10Cr business with MYRIADLY.COM.

For example, Company A has done 10 Cr. businesses through Myriadly.com, INR 10Lacs will be returned back to your account. It will be continuing after every 10 Cr. Businesses.

Last but not least {TRANSPARENCY]

Prices of equipment & Machinery from all manufactures are available online so there will be no chance of any “CUT” during purchasing. Last purchased value of the same equipment is available online. So that it will not vary from buyer to buyer.

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